General Info

Learning Materials:

All class books are printed in black and white, and are included with the tuition fees. Attendees may opt for a color book as late as 2 weeks before the class for an additional flat rate of 185.00. These books are not available for sale, and the only way they can be acquired is through attending a hands on class. The content that is shared within “101” classes held online is available electronically, after the final session for each particular class is completed.


  • Our training facility is located in a remote location that’s not easy to find. With my new training facility complete, and being closer to Atlanta its possible to source an airport shuttle from Greater Atlanta Airport Shuttle to the hotel, or get an Uber ride, then you can use our shuttle service to travel to and from the facility. This allows attendees to save money on travel.
  • The first day of the class we will mandate that all attendees travel to and from the facility using the shuttle service. After this we will discuss those who have vehicles driving to the facility individually for the remainder of the class.
  • Attendees should gather at 0800 in the hotel parking lot. The shuttle will leave promptly at 0815, anyone not on the shuttle by 0820 will be left behind.
  • We have a 20 minute drive to the training facility, and you’ll get to see some beautiful country on the way.

The Facility:

  • I have been working for months to complete this facility, building most of it myself. I had to add this facility so we could host more classes without impacting regular goings on at the production facility that’s located 1:30 minutes away, much further from the Atlanta airport.
  • I have worked hard to make the facility unique and inviting, and I believe you’ll love it!
  • Our facility is located in a rural area in a small town in North- Central Georgia. The property the shop is located on has been in my wife’s family since the Antebellum days.
  • The building that the training facility is located within is my personal work shop, and is also where I carry out R&D, build test engines and store my personal car collection. You will be coming into my world 🙂
  • Here you’ll be able to watch deer in the field behind our facility and take advantage of the piece of heaven I work in daily, having recently completed the facility.