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“997 Torque Book” – Fastening Specifications for Porsche 911 (Type 997) Automobile


Fastener size, grade, assembly position and tightening torque.

Lacking this publication, most technicians find themselves looking through pages of workshop manuals to search for fastener torque values that are well hidden; at times they cannot be found at all. This publication makes these fastener torque values quick and easy to find.

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This book, a reference handbook for the technician or enthusiast proficient in Porsche repairs, presents illustrations of Porsche 997 sub-assemblies and their fastener torque values. This directive covers the entire vehicle, including all engines, and transaxles, suspension and sub- assemblies. The format of this book can save the user valuable time on almost every 997 repair task, as each assembly, and sub- assembly is referenced with illustrated parts breakdowns, with each fastener identified, and torque values specified. This book is conveniently designed to fit in your toolbox or glovebox. It measures 5X7 inches and has 189 pages.


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