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M96/97 Engine Rebuild 101 Class
(Recorded Audio)


AUDIO RECORDING of  M96 101 High Performance Online Class. The audio file will be emailed to registered purchasers.

Attendees of this class will receive priceless information from Jake Raby, all based on his direct experience with the manipulation, failure analysis and reconstruction of the Porsche M96 and M97 engine family.


This recorded audio class is the prerequisite for all individuals who wish to attend the M96/97 (hands-on) Engine Rebuild School. In this class Jake Raby and Tony Callas provide the basic information necessary to understand the shortcomings of Porsche’s most misunderstood engine. The team of Raby and Callas bring their unique experiences to the class, with Callas instructing the external points of the engine, and Raby focusing on the internals. In this class you’ll be able to attend from the comfort of your own home, while you receive 4 hours of instruction on the topics of:

Meet the M96/97 engine configuration layout and subsystems illustrated
Basic M96/97 engine management, fuel trim, system resets and etc
Cooling system design and function
Oil system design and function explained
Cracked cylinder heads, causes and effects
All about scheduled service
Engine failure illustrated – The truth about on-track failures
G force oil starvation and other myths are busted!

*This class was specifically created to prepare attendees for the “Hands on M96 102” class, and is a prerequisite for attending this class*

The audio file will be emailed to registered purchasers.


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(Recorded Audio)”